Our Vision

mChango is the go to app when an individual wants to make a donation to a candidate or PAC and for candidates and Political Action Committees.  The days of writing checks and writing your credit card number into a web site are gone forever! Candidates/PAC fundraising staffs are raising more money than ever before due to the simplicity of mChango.

Our Story

I was tired of writing out a check every time I made a political donation and started thinking about why campaigns/PACs were behind the times.  Then I read that during the 2014 election cycle 90% of the $2.2 Billion dollars donated to state level candidates was by check - 90%! This was a business that needed some new thinking.

I mentioned this fact to my friend and neighbor, Pete Wheeler.  Pete had been thinking about app based donations in another contact and as we talked mChango was born!

Meet the mChango Team

Frequent campaign donors and startup entrepreneurs.

FXM Headshot Screenshot

Francis X. McMahon

Founder & CEO

Red Bridge Strategies, LLC

Francis X. McMahon is an experienced business leader and has successfully started and grown two addition companies in addition to Red Bridge Strategies, LLC. In addition, to leading several companies, Frank has served on the boards of several non-profit organizations in Rhode Island.  Frank is a graduate of Providence College and Suffolk University Law School and is a member of the RI and Federal bar. Frank's responsibilities includes the day to day management, legal and marketing activities of Red Bridge Strategies, LLC.


Peter Wheeler


Red Bridge Strategies, LLC

Pete Wheeler is an experienced business leader and strategist.  Pete brings a great deal of experience to Red Bridge Strategies, LLC from his many years working for large financial institutions.  Pete has also owned a number of businesses, both startup and existing. His experience in these capacities has given him a broad knowledge of running all aspects of a business.  Pete is a graduate of Virginia Tech University.  Pete's responsibilities include brand strategy, vision and sales.

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